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The Practice

Badlands Veterinary Services is a mobile veterinary practice specializing in bovine herd health and ambulatory services in the area surrounding Medicine Hat in Southeast Alberta. Our practice offers reliable, efficient, and elevated veterinary care to local producers, with all procedures occurring on-farm. We provide regular business hours for routine procedures, but clients also have the ability to contact a veterinarian at all times for emergency services and assistance.

Dr. Krista Dayman ready for action

Dr. Krista Dayman, DVM

Badlands Veterinary Services was founded in 2020 by Dr. Krista Dayman. While she was born and raised in Southern Saskatchewan, Dr. Dayman settled in Medicine Hat in 2016 with her husband John. She is passionate about bovine medicine with a special interest in herd health, theriogenology and pathology.

Dr. Tom Daborn

Dr. Tom Daborn, DVM

Tom is originally from the United Kingdom and grew up raising purebred Suffolk sheep and milking Jersey cows before completing his veterinary degree from the University of London back in 2018. Dr Tom moved to Brooks, AB shortly after graduating with his now wife, Dr Bryony George who is also a veterinarian. Following their move to Canada, he worked as a bovine veterinarian in Brooks, AB for 4 years providing both cow-calf and feedlot consultancy. In Fall of 2021 he started his Masters degree with the University of Calgary, studying the use of hoof trimming in breeding bulls as a way of increasing longevity. Dr Tom enjoys applying a holistic attitude to herd level processes and protocol development, data analysis, advanced bovine surgery and developing reproduction strategies. In their spare time, the pair run a small animal vaccination clinic in Brooks and enjoy sneaking off to the mountains for hiking and fishing trips.

Rachel DeMan

Rachel DeMan, RVT

Rachel is a Registered Veterinary Technician from Nova Scotia! She graduated from the Dalhousie University Veterinary Technology program in 2019. Rachel found her way to Seven Persons shortly after graduating, where she raises purebred black angus cattle with her fiancé Kody. She enjoys working around livestock of every species and is always eager to learn something new!

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