Bovine Services

Please note that we do not offer companion animal services (dogs, cats, horses, etc.) at this time.

Pregnancy Diagnosis

Did your bull do the job? Badlands Veterinary Services has a state-of-the-art ultrasound to detect pregnancy, including the age and sex of the fetus, in your cow herd.

Breeding Soundness Evaluation

We offer fast and thorough bull fertility testing on farm.

Individual and Herd Health Assessment

In the event of sick animals, we offer diagnostic services at the individual and herd level.

Dystocia Management

If calving isn't progressing as expected, we offer timely manual and surgical intervention to ensure the health of your calf and cow.

Post Mortem Examination

We provide this valuable diagnostic tool to determine the cause of death or disease within the herd.

Field Surgeries

Includes standard procedures such as castration, caesarean section, enucleation, and abomasal displacement surgery.

Insurance Examinations

Following a comprehensive examination of the animal in question, we prepare and submit a detailed report to your insurance company.

Producer Consultations

We can discuss and formulate unique herd health protocols that fit you and your operation best.

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